So the Seasons Begin Their Eternal Change

Good day gardening friends! Over the last week or so, I can't help but have had this feeling of the season changing as we pull into late summer with a whole beautiful month to go, but I can't shake the feeling...
Nature is preparing to don the autumn gown.
Our typically autumn morning fogs have begun. Coming home from work the other morning demonstrated our low hilltop property shrouded in fog.
The skunks are doing their thing.
Wandering through the yard, I discovered the beautiful ripening hips of Rosa eglanteria...
Roses busily putting on growth for an autumn flush.
David Austin's Princess Anne is blooming again. I love her vibrant pink.
A very special treat- Mrs. Sam McGredy. Bush form. A band from Rogue Valley roses. First bud I've let develop. I'm not sure how long she'll stay with me, but I just really wanted to see her famous copper, flame, melon, and terracotta colours. The bud is so long!

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