Starmark Cabinets DELAYS, DELAYS, DELAYS!?

RUN from ordering cabinets from Starmark at this time!
Wondering if anyone else is waiting on Starmark cabinets due to plywood supply issues?
We placed our very expensive cabinet order in April 2021 and are still waiting on our complete cabinets. We received part of our order the end of July with missing large pieces, then a cabinet randomly arrived with the doors installed incorrectly and missing a top door and our large pantry cabinets are nowhere to be found. The response we got is that they are having supply issues with large pieces of plywood. The rep told our cabinet supplier that they have no idea when the plywood would arrive and we basically have to wait indefinitely. How is that acceptable? No one who has ordered Starmark has gotten their large cabinets and they have no idea when they will arrive, if ever?
Meanwhile several people I know who have kitchen renovations going on now with other cabinet brands, have had no plywood supply issues. What gives? Let's not even talk about their customer service, which is basically nonexistent. Still waiting for a call from their rep...

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