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Chimney flashing needs repair? causing mold and termites?

2 years ago

Hello Home Improvement,

Original Issue (termites):

Last year I found subterranean termites in a closet that contains my HVAC. I injected a large portion of the wall with termite foam. Unfortunately, I found a couple of swarmmers (winged termites) in my garage near the site of the HVAC closet this year...

Other notes:

The HVAC closet smells really bad of mold.

There is a chimney nearby and I am starting to wonder if the Chimney is leaking water into the house.

This house was previously owned by a person who did shoddy work, as pointed out in past posts with Reddit. This house has a history of horrific work (venting bathroom vents into attic, no P traps in sinks, etc. etc.).

Concern (water intrusion):

Not only am I worried about termites but the smell of mold makes me think I have a water issue. I am worried I won't get rid of the termites without fixing the water issue causing them to come/mold smells first.


Can anyone please take a look at the pictures in the below link and let me know if my chimney flashing needs to be repaired and/or have any advice on what might be causing this issue (the chimney being the culpurate is a complete uneducated guess on my part).

Link to album:

Black circle in closet of the 2nd to last picture is a tuber I left as evidence (I did drywall repair but the whole corner was a large tuber with gross termites falling out when I broke it.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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