FREE Butterfly Cage

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Free Butterfly Cage

I'm no longer raising and releasing butterflies in large numbers so would like to give away the butterfly caterpillar raising cage that I built. Even though it's a long shot finding someone on this forum who's in PA or who would sometime drive through my state, I thought I'd post on here about the cage anyway. It's wooden, painted, and has screen stapled onto the 2 x 2's. I don't know the exact measurements but can measure it if anyone is interested. There are six vertical panels (sides and ends) and two horizontal panels (roof/ceiling). The panels are attached to each other with hooks and eyes so the cage can easily be taken apart for storage when not in use. I didn't want to let it sit out over the winter and so I stored it in one of our buildings to help make the cage last longer. It's in good shape except this past winter we had some heavy snows and I think something cut into the one screen. If you don't mind waiting until next year, I can get it in better shape, although there isn't much wrong with it. I'm just afraid that with all of my gardening I won't get around to repairing it as soon as I'd like. I'm hoping that someone on here will be able to raise butterfly cats in it and can come and get it or possibly have an acquaintance pick it up for you. I'm located about 50 miles north of Harrisburg. If anyone needs more details, email me at cbrouse at gmail dot com.

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