Feng shui materials? Bookcase trash can etc...

2 months ago

Does anyone know if you're supposed to have a plastic of metal trash can in the bath in terms of feng-shui. My bath is in the prosperity corner technically, in the overall layout.

Also curious too if anyone knows please!! I am getting small bookcases for a closet, tiny space next to my laundry machine and the bath. They're all close to each other, off the living space. Does it matter if I get wood or metal bookcases? Should they all match, the material? Was looking online for feng shui ideas but didn't find this question. Like if I get a wood bookcase for the closet, now it has metal clothing rack, that can't change and a metal or wood bookcase for the others, does it matter?

I am usually tired and drained, but I don't know if that's me or my place.

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