Brugs slow to bloom and form a Y pictures attached

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi, I have two brugs that ive had for years. One has only bloomed once and the other always blooms right befor frost and barely makes it to bloom before the cold hits. This year I’ve fed them both more. They’ve grown better and the one that usally blooms closer to frost has Y’d and i believe will bloom earlier this year. However, the other brug only has five branches/stalks/ which only one of those has v’d off It already has a bud forming about 2 inches long. Ive fed them both the same and have recently switched over to a bloom booster. My question is mainly about the one brug - why of the five branches only one has formed a Y? im confident it may get there but im very curious why that would happen?

I barely use the bloom booster. I know a lot of people might be against it but im fed up with never seeing blooms longer than a week before frost and tending to these things all spring and summer. The pictures above the one with the bud is the only bud on that brug. Only one branch has Y’d. The other brug has Y’d and i see small buds. I am in Georgia. I dont know which zone. But as I said, the one thats already Y’d normally doesnt bloom until October right before frost. Ive even had to cover it before to protect it from frost just to get a peek at the blooms.

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