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Need help identifying cause(s?) of spots on leaves, chlorosis

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I’m not sure if I’m looking at one problem across several species, multiple problems compounded, or a bunch of individual problems.

Mustard spinach, romaine lettuce, garden beans (blue lake), zinnia, tomato... genaral chlorosis on older leaves, ie younger are darker.

Lettuce had ridiculous spots - a tray of seedlings that got set aside only had minor patches of spots, and they’ve significantly worsened and spread. Some leaves unaffected. One seedling from that batch appears entirely unaffected, only slightly bigger than all but the most severe spotted ones. Spots do not rub off, nor are they sticky/bumpy/tactile. some completely yellowed leaves with browned areas along edge.

Mustard Spinach, Tendergreen

Sole un-specaled lettice

Container plants, grown from seed, fresh soil. Multiple sowings. Aphids were brutal early summer, but subsequent sowings also exhibit similar problems. upload issues, will update with more