What shade plants do I need?

BlueberryBundtcake - 6a/MA
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have an under utilized shade bed, and it needs a make over. The adjacent beds are sun beds and have blueberries in them, and the opposite bed is my new daylily, so it's time for this one to get some new plants, too. This bed is shaded early in the day by a Japanese maple, then it gets a bit of sun before it gets blocked by the large, looming eastern red cedar. Fence keeps deer out; bed is about 4'x4'.

The blackberry is getting ripped out (and so is the sugar maple by the fence ...). The rest is some volunteer columbine and English ginger.

Astilbe and I have a love-hate relationship ... I love them; they hate me. I can't bring any more home to die.

What suggestions have ye, enablers? Specific varieties would be great.


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