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AGA 36" Professional Induction Range vs 48" Mercury

last year
last modified: last year

I am going round and round trying to decide between these two range options. Here are links to both:

The first is the AGA 36" Professional Induction Range

What I like: larger oven, no metal border on the side of the induction top. Less expensive.

What I worry about: food falling through the gap where the top meets the counters

The second is the AGA Mercury 48". Having to purchase a second oven which I would use when we entertain, or as a warming oven.

What I like: the broiler drawer, double ovens, the impressive industrial look of it. Slightly larger top allowing multiple pans to more easily cook at the same time (I cook a ton on the stove top, not much of a baker).

What I worry about: The ovens being small, only fitting half sheet pans - how will I cram a turkey in there.


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