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Kolbe Forgent vs. Marvin Essentials-Any Feedback

Ryan Dowis
last year

I'm building a new house and interested in feedback/consideration on these 2 brands. I am in the midwest. Windows will be black interior/black exterior. Most of the windows will be double hung. This is a lake house, shed roof--going for a more modern look. We first landed at Marvin essentials because of them offering fiberglass windows, which research has led me to believe would be better with black/black and better than vinyl. I didn't want the maintenance of wood. Marvin quote was about double what our contractor had put in the budget for windows. So, I started looking at a few other options. Research led me to consider Kolbe Forgent line, which I understand is made from a product called glastra, as an alternative to fiberglass or vinyl.

Price certainly matters (especially after the bill for lumber) and Kolbe is coming in a couple of thousand dollars less than Marvin.

I was just wondering if anyone has any feedback on either line that I may not be thinking of or other considerations? Just including a general plan/side photo of house to understand style. Thanks in advance.

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