My kichen vision is blowing up, feeling lost

Marie Schatz
last month

Ive had this mids eye picture of a bright white kitchen (and house). My vision is bad and I cant do dark things, they sort of disappear. Light, and light colored things are much easier for me.
So it was going to be the ol white walls, white countertops warmed up with lighter wood slab cabinets.
The builder for my small house (1200 sq ft) upped the already crazy high price at the last minute by 100k. To stay on track for a fall build...I digress. Lets just say my budget is 0.
Im a slob. I hate to clean. Corian sounded the best for staining, my chief concern, and can be refinished.
Desgners seem to do Glacier White. Great. Thats picked.
Go to builders tiniest of tiny kitchen shop and my choices are, ENVI quartz. Full stop. They havent had any one do corian in years, they could find some and price it blah blah.
Ok, look at the quartz. The all white looks really dead. Like clear coated paint. Everything else is fake marble and not really white, and not sure how this would look with white walls?
Then I google quartz for staining. See a picture of a round tea ring from a mug. Areas where the resins have been dameged by a cleaner, no acids! Like I cant let my lime wedges sit on the counter? Red wine on glass bottoms from pouring? A sloppy wet tea mug? Coffee? It sounds like a disaster.
I know myself enough to know that I will be extremely sad and resentful if I have to baby some countertop. Id happily do formica but Im already worried about the house appraising.
So do I go with granite? I can wipe a sealer on twice a year altbough I dont care for how hard and cold it is. I can suck it up for not so eady to stain.
There arent really white granites? Do I turn hard left for a black granite? I can find almost no pictures of light wood cabinets, white walls and black granite.
Or do I stay the course and insist on getting them to do white corian and hope I dont get price reamed just because its not something they do?
Thought I had it figured, now Im lost

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