Floating Shelves for Home Office Library

Angelo Guevara
last month
last modified: last month

I am looking to remodel my office with new shelves for all my books. Currently, I have two (2) home-built bookshelves that are bulky and no longer have any space left for additional books.

I am looking to build some shelves to store all my books and give the office a "fresher" look. Thus, I am thinking floating shelves would be nice.

My dilemma is whether I should do the floating shelves all around, in opposite corners, along 2 of the walls. This may look nice as it would balance the shelves instead of having it along one wall or corner.

I know I cannot do it all around given that the office doors open towards the inside and there is an outward-facing window. I am including a layout for your reference.

The office walls are 12 feet high so I have heard, from interior designers, that the shelves can go up to 2/3 of the entire height. I am thinking I will need anywhere from 5-7 shelves depending on the layout.

By the way, I can certainly move the office desk to a different wall, if need be. I have it facing outward as I work from home and like to look outward.

Other questions

(1)Should I use floating shelves or use L-shaped brackets which also look nice and will support more weight (books are heavy)? the L-shaped brackets will be less work as I am looking to do this work myself.

(2) Should I use wood stained shelves or paint them? I would like my office to feel like a library as folks go into it. The walls are currently painted BEHR Etched Glass which, in the sunlight, looks a tad blue (very light blue).

(3) Any recommendations as to what to do with the space above the door OR the space above the shelves will be appreciated. Perhaps I can get some art. I like contemporary and modern art; especially with Mediterranean colors, themes which would go very nicely with my wall colors.

(4) How thick should the wood be? I am thinking 1.5 to 2". I will be getting it from the Home Depot.

Below is an image of the office dimensions.