Help! what color shelves for my kitchen?

last month

My kitchen is painted BM Dove Wing. The table base is black and it has a glass top. the fan blades are dark brown. I want to buy 2 IKEA Lack Shelves and stagger them similar to what I did with the painters tape. The Lack shelves come in black/brown or white. I initially thought I should get the black/brown but I am concerned they will look heavy on the wall. Many decorating pictures I see show white shelves on a white wall. Picture of my kitchen is attached. The shelves may look short on the wall but I have to allow space for the pantry door to open (on the left). The IKEA lack shelf is thick. I am using the shelves to display tchatkes, a vase, decorative bowls or even pictures in a frame vs plates. Thanks in advance! The other pictures are the lack shelves in white and the black/brown.

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