Best durable, kid and cat friendly sofa

Ann Abney
last month

My sofa I bought 6 years ago from "Bob's Discount Furniture" is dying a slow death, so I'm starting to think about replacing it. I think I paid something like $400 for it and within a few weeks one of the cats had scratched to the padding on a front corner.

I use my couch a LOT - 3/4 hours a day at a minimum, with weekend naps on it. I'm 5'2" so it doesn't have to be super long and I don't like too deep because I feel like I have to crawl out of it. In the next couple of years I'll be having a kiddo so I need something that's either slip-covered or easy-to-clean, as well as durable for the use it'll get.

I am debating between if I get something like the Ikea Ektorp (or whatever it's replacement is) which fits my proportions well, and is slip-covered, and definitely I would be able to spend the money now, or going for something like the Article Sven. (

If I go with something like Ikea, I'm fine with every couple of years needing to pay to get a new cover or have cushions restuffed. But if I'm spending $2000+ on a sofa, I feel like it's gotta last 6+ years before needing work. (Which might be totally unrealistic and feel free to tell me that!)

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