great room layout and design help!

last month

Sharing the pics for the space I’m seeking your input on! Nothing in this pic is mine (we are under contract and this is the sellers set up) so don’t worry about offending me!!

18’x16‘but by the time you account for FP and built ins, it is more like 16x 16.

We will be refinishing the floors before moving in.

My questions are:

How would you lay out the room with furniture to maximize seating space? Should i avoid blocking the line of sight between the foyer and windows, as the current owners did? im torn between keeping the line of sight open but wanting more seating

What would you do with window treatments. Carry a rod all the way across? Or keep them flanking on the sides. or remove completely? It’s likely we would close them often so really asking about the best “look”

What would you do with the built ins. Leave? Paint? Redesign the top half/floating shelves?

Give me all of your ideas on the above!! and please feel free to chime in with any other suggestions I didn’t specifically ask about!

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