Furniture Placement

last month

I was just told we need to tell the electrician where to put the floor plugs in our Great Room/Library. I was wondering if any of you can tell me how you would place your furniture so that I know where to put the plugs. For right now we are going to use the furniture we already have. Should the sofa be placed with its back to the kitchen island (5 x 10 island with the 4 seats that you can see in the picture) or would you have it face the stairs and 3 season room beyond the stairs that is all glass?

Sofa 91" wide, 40" deep

Love Seat 70 " wide, 40" deep

Chair 42" wide, 35" deep

Coffee table 48" long, 28" 2 wide

If the couch faces the wall of books I would want to center it which means it would be off center from the kitchen island. Does it matter?

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