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Kathy Le
last month
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Hello Houzz community,

I would like to get advice for 2 layout we are considering (the red highlight area):

  1. Kitchen layout: which option is nicer, option A (with a small sitting counter top + 2 stools) or option B (U shape, maximize storage space)?
  2. Should we knock down the wall that divdies the common area and bedrooms, option A (bigger common room but bedroom doors open to common area), option B (smaller common area but more privacy)

- Total living + kitchen + dining = 400 sft (kitchen 9ft x 12ft)

- Each small bed room = 150 sft x 2 = 300 sft

- Master suite + bathroom = 400 sft

- Hall way, common bath = 300 sft.

- Total house sft = 1400sft (house width from sofa to end of garage = 40ft)

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