136-inch quartz countertop - seamless?

Hi everyone! I have an easy to access kitchen (with straight access/hall longer than the slab size from the door to the installation area) and have confirmed that the slab can be brought in at a size of 137 inches which is exactly 1 inch more than we need (I realize that is cutting it very close!). We have a farmhouse style sink which I understand adds complications. I would like to avoid a seam if at all possible and 1 installer said they could do this while another indicated that because the counter has the farmhouse sink AND ends at a panel, they simply have to have a seam and recommended doing so in the middle of the sink. What are folks' thoughts on ~136 inch slab. The slab would be a straight (not L-shaped) piece. Behind the sink is 7.25 inches wide. Photo of the space below.

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