Want to update a 1950's blue & gray guest bathroom.Suggestions PLEASE

last month

I love my blue and gray guest bathroom, but it desperately needs some TLC. This was my childhood home so needless to say I have many memories in this house growing up. It's a long bathroom (approx. 11 x 5) with a step down to the tub and shower area....which are separated. The wall above the sink previously had a long mirror that was 72 1/2 long x 29 1/4 tall. I removed the original drop ceiling which makes that wall suitable for a taller mirror. I think a long/wider mirror makes the room look bigger....just an observation on my part. I would like to keep the shutter look, but I'm open for any other ideas as to what to do with that space. The longer shutters are attached to a door which opens up to a covered porch area. Those shutters are covering Jalousie windows and that door is more narrow than most. I love the blue and gray tile so that stays put. The sink and vanity are relatively new so I'm not changing those either. Oh and the heater stays too. Nice to have a toasty warm bathroom in the winter in Miami, FL.... LOL

I absolutely love wallpaper and this guest bathroom has always had wallpaper. I've searched and searched for something that's perfect, but I get distracted with so many patterns to choose from that I get overwhelmed. I had previously wallpapered the ceiling in the step down area too which looked kinda cool when you walk in. I'm looking for a new mirror....maybe a back lit.... not on the front of the mirror... not that fond of the way that looks. Definitely want to get rid of the florescent. I did purchase a light for the ceiling (sink area) , but I don't believe that it's enough light for that area. The light in the tub/shower area I have no clue what to do with that. So there you have my story and dilemma. Thanks for any help you can give me it will be greatly appreciated. Oh and the blue tape is there when I was painting obviously it will be removed. Also two separate built in cabinets next to the toilet.

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