Add linen cabinet? Need storage in bathroom!

Annette Holbrook(z7a)
last month
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This is the bath in our guest loft over a detached garage. The light and recessed mirror need to be replaced for safety reasons. I really hate the 80s cabinet and green laminate countertop so I think it would be a good time to replace the whole vanity setup. This is the floorplan currently.

And a couple of pics showing the vanity.

I really need some storage in this apartment, so if I could reconfigure a bit and get a linen cabinet of some sort it would be fabulous. The little wood area to the left of the vanity has to stay, it is the return air duct. If I go from the current 60” to a 48” vanity I will have enough room for a 15” wide linen cabinet. It would be next to the toilet. I could do something that is built in as part of the cabinets or do a freestanding piece.

Will that look odd next to the toilet?

It would look like this,

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