What is the best countertop compost container?

Phoebe Zajac
last month

I have been on the hunt for something that doesn't seem to exist. What do you all use for a countertop compost container and what are the pros and cons of your setup? None of the products that are specifically for it have everything I'm looking for. Most importantly, I don't want any plastic as that absorbs odors and ends up being thrown away. I'd like something rectangular and deep, metal or glass, with handles on the sides and lid (ideally the handles on the side would be low enough to be out of the way of placing a bag inside) that is dishwasher safe. Here's some images of things that are close to what I'm looking for, but none are quite perfect. Which of these do you think would work best and why? Can you think of an alternative product that would fit the bill? Ideally it would be longer, narrower, and deeper than most of these. I like the compost bins that are rectangular and long enough to fit a cutting board to slide off food scraps directly in as it would fit alongside my sink nicely. It also needs to be fairly deep, but no more than 10". The steamer pans seem to be a decent size and are what in leaning towards, but I thought I'd ask in case someone has a genius solution to this problem. Those are a little on the pricey side, but I know they'll last and I like that they can stack, so I can have a backup one on hand if I have a lot of food scraps suddenly. Thanks!

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