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I was at an estate sale today and while I didn’t buy anything, I did swoon over this orep sink. I’ve never felt the need for one, but this is so dedicated to its purpose I think I could be swayed.

The island it is on is huge, at least 4’ wide and a good 8’ long, and the range is across from the short end of the island, so parallel to the prep sink. Me, I’d rather have it on the same run as the range, because that’s how I cook.

I’m standing in front of the range here.

Here I’m standing in front of the main sink, range is to my right. See that square button in front? It turns water on and off! And a disposal is at the far end!

Here it is from the other end! The water comes out at the shallow end, sluices down the slope and carries the peelings etc to the disposal.

BUT: this doesn’t seem like you can rinse the fruits and veg and meat, nor can you rinse your hands. So, I’m not sure how practical it really is. But it sure looks cool.

What do you think?

Edit to add, I believe it is the Kohler Crevasse.

Another edit, the only Amazon review is from 2012 and it looks like the Crevasse is discontinued anyway. Oh well.

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