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Grapefruit tree and avocado tree

2 years ago

I live up north in Syracuse and I grow tropical trees and bring them outside in the summer. This year, everything was fine until about a week or so ago. My grapefruit tree started turning yellow and the leaves are curling up and falling off. And my avocado tree the leaves are turning brown and drooping and falling off. We've had some odd weather this summer. Cold start, (which damaged some of my palms) then extremely hot and humid, then excessive rain and humidity, and now rainy and seasonably cool. I know the grapefruit likes a lot of water (I learned this over time) but because we've had so much rain, I purposely haven't been watering it. But maybe because the canopy is so full, the rain wasn't getting to the soil. Or maybe it was and its too much rain! Hard to figure out. Same goes for the avocado. Not sure if it's too much rain or not enough. I took the avocado inside today because we have a soaking rain up here. All my banana plants and palm trees seem to be doing fine. My pineapples and passion fruit vine are doing so well they're growing fruit. Any advice?

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