help with granite ID + lowering breakfast bar

Lucia Wilke
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Hi! We are contemplating a kitchen refresh as I’d like to change a few of things (but also limit the scope of the project). I’ve attached photos; Overhead lighting is 2700K and I'm in the process of changing to 3000k. Tried 4000k but it was much to blue/bright in our very warm house.

  1. If we can find a matching granite slab, I’d love to lower the breakfast bar so that our peninsula is a level surface. While it would be fabulous to replace all of our counters, I don’t think that that’s in the cards. And I’m guessing it wouldn’t look right to have a different material/color on the peninsula. We also kinda like our granite since it has nice movement and the colors go well with the house. [I’d describe our granite as having a cream base with golds, dark warm browns, dark warm greys/almost black. No burgundy. There are whispers of dark orange/rust colors, but nothing significant. No white or light off white.] ..... So, my question is:
    —->>> What kind of granite do I have? Does it look like ABSOLUTE CREAM? Or maybe it’s PERSONATUS? (I’ll attach pics of absolute cream and personatus in the first comment).I don’t think it’s FIESTA GOLD, VENETIAN GOLD, or NEW VENETIAN GOLD since those pattern looks more dense/even.
  2. The second thing I really want to do is redo the backsplash to a cream since the undertone of the travertine leans pink. I don’t love the main cabinet color (and glaze) but it actually works with the granite. (The lighting is terribly even in these pics (i.e. in first pic, look at the cabinet to the left of the fridge. The top cabinet looks completely different from the base. They are the same color IRL. It may not be easy to tell the undertones in the pics. The cabinets have a dirty yellow almost green undertone, at least to me. I'm trying to see if I can avoid repainting the perimeter cabinets by changing the splash.
  3. I also want to paint the island because as is, the dark wood stain doesn't look great and looks a little grubby. The cabinets are in good condition. I am leaning toward SW Urbane Bronze.

Anyway, I’d love help in ID’ing this granite so I have a starting point to see if it’s even feasible to find a matching slab. TIA!

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