will either of these layouts work in small kitchen with combine dining

last month

Kitchen with eat-in dining is 10.5” x 16.5 ft with 3 entrances (from entryway hallway, family room and backyard). I cannot remove walls, but can move plumbing, unsure if I can move the gas line to the stove and soffits but all flooring is being replaced. Currently it is a small u-shape with peninsula and the dining area is behind the peninsula, there is no pantry (food is stored in 3 upper cabinets), little cooking prep space, very limited storage and dining area is very tight to move around (it is the only dining area in the house)
Family of 3, husband and I both cook though it is usually not at the same time. Limited to IKEA cabinets to stay on budget as we are doing some other minor renovations that need to be done at the same time. We’re looking to remove u-shape and instead have it as L with peninsula attached to other side of the wall in order to gain more cabinet space and prep area. I realize in both new layouts the dining is still very tight, and aisle widths are not ideal but I don’t see a better option. Here are the 2layouts proposed:

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