Living room layout? 3 focal points? Need your help!

last month

My wife and I are struggling with the layout of our living room. As you can see in the photos, between the views and the fireplace, we have two focal points currently without adding a TV.

We previously had a TV sitting on the mantle above the fireplace with the couches in an L-shape. It worked, but it looks tacky having a TV on the mantle and TV viewing is not optimal at that height.

We rearranged our current furniture today just to feel things out. My current thinking is to ditch the loveseat by the windows and put a nice recliner in the corner next to the fireplace. In the other corner near the bookcase, we’d put a small swivel chair of sorts. We’re also thinking of a different bookcase setup so the TV can be placed on it.

Our house has views from every room, and after living here for 2 years, my current thinking is the views are “background noise” for the living room as they’re better in every other room of the house.

Goals for this room are to make a comfortable seating area for 5 people (or more) with the ability to watch TV should we want to.

Appreciate your thoughts!

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