Fireplace conundrum and overall family room design challenge

last month


I'm pretty decor challenged, and would love some expert advice. When we purchased this house, it came with built ins to the right of the fireplace. They had a TV armoire on the left then. Now we have a TV mounted on the left because my husband says the fireplace heat is bad for TVs, if mounted on top of fireplace.

I'm planning to repaint with a really light gray to lighten up the room, and was thinking of making the fireplace all white to the top, to brighten and more focal. Replace the green granite around the fireplace with some kind of marble or white tiles? And not sure what kind of material on top of the mantel.

I'm actually not sure why the fireplace is white when the built ins are honey colored. The built ins are high grade solid honey maple, and would prefer not to change those, as the kitchen is similar. If I put white something in the back of the shelves, would it help lighten things up? Maybe remove some shelves?

And the valances are custom and lovely, if you like that style. Was thinking of removing valances entirely to change room to a more modern look. Are valances still in? Or modern valances?


1) What should we do on the left of fireplace to improve balance? Anything simpler than a complete built in? We do need something there to hold some electronics.

2)What should I do with the fire place, materials and color?

3)Should I replace valances with anything?

4) Replace the red chairs?

5) Suggestions for color schemes on wall art or anything else if I have gray ,white, honey. I still really like the batik painting over the fireplace, but maybe paint the frame more wood color to tie in to the built ins.

I know I have too many questions but thanks in advance for any help, with

my first time on this forum!

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