Would I Buy Insane To Get These Chairs For My Balcony In A High Rise

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I am in the last stages of the remodel of my condo which is in a high rise in Los Angeles.

Because of the location any furniture or other stuff on the balcony would stay on the balcony all the time and would be uncovered. It would be subjected to some amount of rain because the balcony isn't enclosed although it does have a balcony on top of it. It gets a lot of sun in the morning because of the eastern exposure and it gets dirty because I am located in an urban area.

Because I am in a high rise I can't hose off outdoor stuff the way people in single family homes can and storage of anything is not an option. This is because I lack storage and because there is really no season in Los Angeles when one wouldn't theoretically use outdoor furniture.

My question is two fold -

1. How do people deal with maintaining outdoor furniture on a high rise balcony?

2. Whether I would be insane to get these chairs based on their maintenance requirements?

I have fallen in love with the design of the chair and aesthetically it would be perfect for my balcony. I recently tiled it with a "rug" of Malibu Art Tile surrounded by terrazzo tile. I repainted the walls of the balcony after the tile was laid but the picture I am posting shows how dirty stuff becomes unless it is regularly cleaned.

The chair is intended for outdoor use but I am not sure whether it is meant for a high rise balcony? Again if people with actual experience dealing with high rise balconies could offer their experience and expertise, I would appreciate it.

The chair is from the Chopstix Collection by Janus et Cie and the care requirements for the woven parts is as follows. The frame is some kind of powder coated metal and I can provide the specifications for that as well.


Our synthetic ropes and straps are made of olefin, polyolefin, polypropylene or polyester materials engineered using high-quality pigment with excellent UV, stain and mold resistance. These ropes have the same warm look and soft texture as high-end fabrics. They are environmentally friendly, durable and suitable for outdoor locations.


  • Frequent vacuuming or light dusting is recommended
  • Dust can be wiped down with a damp clean cloth or rinsed with clean water
  • Wash with mild, pH-neutral soap such as Dawn® and clean water or use Faron Cleaner (JeC Item #799-90-100-00-00). If using Faron, please follow directions on bottle.
  • Let air dry
  • Do not scrub excessively, apply heat or use any sharp objects to clean


  • Blot stains with a sponge, working inward from the outside of the stain
  • Wash with mild, pH-neutral soap such as Dawn® and clean water or use Faron Cleaner (JeC Item #799-90-100-00-00). If using Faron, please follow directions on bottle.
  • Rinse with clean water and air dry

This is a portion of the carpet - you can see how dirty the walls were before repainting them

This is the chair

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