What could be causing my dryer to continually burn out?

First time my dryer went out I thought, must be an old dryer. We bought a new dryer. It was under warranty for 5 years and during that time it went out 6 or more times. Each time being the heating element or something associated w/ the heating element. The dryer would still turn and blow air, but no heat. It is no longer under warranty and went out back in March 2021. A neighbor/handyman fixed it for me. A week later it went out again. Then I bought an old used dryer from a neighbor and it's been working since March. This dryer just went out too! (So that is now 3 different dryers!!) Our dryer vent/line is only about a foot long and goes straight out the wall - ie: no kinks, no clogs. I am confident the air flow is not an issue. My initial thought is something is wrong w the electrical outlet or voltage going to that outlet maybe? When the handyman was at my house fixing the dryer, he checked the outlets for me and said there were no issues, but he isn't an electrician so maybe it's more complicated than he could determine?

Now to add another layer to my issue. About a week ago (while my dryer was still working) we had a full house surge protector installed. The electrician said he had to tie it in to either the dryer or the oven. He ended up tieing it in to the oven. Then a few days later my dryer stopped working again AND my oven won't heat up when it's on convection mode.

Is the home surge protector just a coincidence? Or could it be what caused the oven to go out? AND was it a coincidence that my dryer went out again? I don't know what to make of all this. I don't want to keep fixing or buying dryers if the root issue is something w/ the actual house. Any ideas or insight?

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