coordinating Roman Shades with drapes

last month

This room will eventually be our master bedroom. I’m interested in getting drapes for the large window. I think adding adding drapes to the 2 smaller windows might be too much for the space. So I was thinking of getting Roman shades for the small windows. The problem is, I want to keep the price down as much as possible and so I was hoping to get drapes from pottery barn or some place similar. But the Roman shades would likely have to be custom because the size is not standard. I’m ok with that. But I’m not sure how to make the Roman shades work with the drapes if I can’t use the same exact fabric pattern. Any suggestions on how I might coordinate this? We like neutral colors (ivory or tan) and will go with a solid vs print. If I try to match 2 different fabrics, it might look weird. Would it look ok to use contrasting colors but same type of material? Any photo samples?

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