Cabinet Construction - Price vs Quality

last month

I have been doing a lot of research and homework on cabinets - and im getting tripped up on cabinet brands and relative quality.

I see many cabinet brands that have All Plywood construction, 3/4" plywood shelves, 1/2 inch tops, bottoms, and sides, softclose doors/drawers, solid wood dovetailed full extension drawers and either 1/2 inch backs or 3/4" hanging rails. Basically everything one would need to be considered a quality cabinet.

But those cabinets run the gamut in price. Between Forevermark, Fabuwood, Waypoint, Diamond, Kraftmaid, Brighton, Omega, Plain & Fancy and on and on....all seem to have very good construction, or upgradeable to the construction parameters above.

Obviously price is not a determinant of quality. But really - what is it that drives the major price difference between the brands? I get that the more expensive custom brands will be able to modify cabinets and make them better fit the space. But if Forevermark fits the space - why spend more?

I'm not opposed to spending more on cabinetry - but really trying to understand the value proposition here and dont want to spend more if its not needed. The cabinets I am removing are 1/2" particleboard cabinets, with stapled drawers and no soft close. And they held up fine for 30 years.

....What am I missing?...