layout help: pantry cabinet halfway on the wall?

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We are trying to expand our galley kitchen by taking down a wall. Here is the layout that seems to work based on discussions with two architects. I understand that we can get a lot of storage if we continue the 13” deep pantry all the way to the end of the wall. But 12ft of the narrow pantry is probably too much for our needs. There is also a 3.5 by 5 ft walk-in pantry planned behind the refrigerator wall. Wanted to get your feedback on whether the abrupt stopping of that pantry wall cabinet at 4ft seems too odd. And the distance between the island corner and pantry corner is 32” which is the recommended doorway in a kitchen. We will have seating on the island, somewhere between 2-4. But we don’t plan to use it everyday as our dining area is just next to the kitchen. The corner between RF and pantry cabinet is the offset we need from the bathroom behind it. The KD prefers to finalize the floor plan first before going forward, so I am stuck at this step. Any help on my original question as well as the overall layout is welcome. I have a drawing on the graph paper, but I thought this one looks cleaner:

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