I hope you guys are right - cutting down to the Base

last month

I've asked. Everyone seem to concur it's a single budded point off the graft. 'It will be fine if you lose one"

Just deadheaded the second flush. I was on the ground, pulling mulch back, giving it some FERTZ, I've ID'ed some older canes I plan to cut fresh to the ground in 2022 (yeap, planning ahead already) and hopefully it won't be a dead spot and it will spur new fresh canes. LOL, I'm just still so unweary about this whole single budded thing. I have had new canes come up already in the last 2 years. Some come out as spindly, a scant few have come up as strong ones.

What I'm trying to avoid is what I see on my neighbors. Thick trunkish 4-5 canes that are like 5 feet high These are floribundas I believe.. Do I treat shrub roses like any woody shrub and cull out the older thicker ones as years pass so new ones can and will take it's place (ahem, mr scradey cat on the whole single bud on graft).