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Hello all, I am not sure if kitchens is the best location for this topic. Here's the sitch: I had a casual lunch at someones home quite a while ago. I was instantly mesmerized with the flatware but because I had just met her, I didn't want to fan girl too much over her AMAZING fork. I subsequently had lunch another time and Fab Fork was nowhere to be found! Was I dreaming it? Had I seen it someplace else? Did she suddenly downgrade? I even helped clean up so I could see if there were two different sets. I resigned myself to forget all about it since I had perfectly fine flatware and a very full house and home. Fast forward to now, we have recently relocated to another part of the country and are in the process of desiging our forever home. Even though I have a fully feathered nest, I am allowing myself a few new items for our new home as our current flatware was from Pottery Barn 1995!

Here's the deets: Heavier weight, most likely stainless bc I've got a pretty good eye for silver. The neat thing about this was that the design went around the handle which was not flat. It was most similar to Zwilling JA Henckels 1876 pattern in that it has some simple, yet elegant details without looking too ornate or simple. Casual elegance is what comes to mind. It had no milgraining or engraving on it. What impressed me was the heft and the fact that it was not a flat 2D handle, but a fully 3D rounded/oval handle. I am pretty sure there was a ridge at the top and towards the bottom, with the middle section being slightly rounded. It felt amazing in hand and I have started my quest for flatware before even breaking ground. Priorities, ammiright?

Here's where I've looked(online) so far with no luck:



Pottery Barn

Williams Sonoma

Crate and Barrel

Reed and Barton/Lenox/Kate Spade


I am attaching a very crude hand drawn pic of what it may be like. It has been over a year ago and a LOT of water has gone under the bridge since then IYKWIM.

Any suggestions of brands or stores to look at will be most welcome!

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