Does my China cabinet make sense in the kitchen?

Julia Creedon
last month
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I own a formal dining room set with a formal dining table, 6 chairs, a buffet, and a china cabinet. I currently have the china cabinet in an alcove in my kitchen, but I was considering putting additional kitchen cabinets in its place and building an alcove in my morning room/dining room, which is off the kitchen and where the table is. Also, currently, my buffet is in my living room. This is an open floor plan home so you can see the pieces. I can also just stick the china cabinet in the morning room with the table as it is but I think it would be too crowded. Lastly, does my buffet look awkward in the living room? I was also thinking of making the two windows in my morning room into a bay window and putting the buffet in there. I am just not sure if the cost of this would be worth it? Or does it all look fine and leave it as is? Please help!

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