Turning The Monstrosity into a Modern Farmhouse

2 months ago
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We're starting a down-to-the-studs remodel of a very large (8000+ sq) structure. Called "The Monstrosity" by our neighbors since it is about 3x the size of anything nearby--it will be our version of a modern farmhouse.

South End

North End

It's hard to appreciate the size here. The Barn section is 100 ft long, and 24 ft wide in the middle. The ceiling is 14'. The bays you see here are 24' wide. The upstairs, which sits over middle of the Barn is 100'x24'.

On the East side is a 3 car garage, plus a downstairs you can see on the right, which is about 2800 sq ft.

The Barn is so large, I could fit the entire lot and house we were living in SF inside with room to spare.

The inside was a complete disaster. It was built by a contract from left over stuff from various jobs apparently.

Lovely detail in stairwell lined with faux stone

The upstairs "great room". Behind the orange wall is a bathroom. Odd

This was the kid's room I guess.

The "master bath" upstairs--just stuffed into the side of the room, not even enclosed. At least I was able to sell the copper tub for $600. Anyone want the vanity? It's available...

The garage was full of junk. Like this 1967 Mustang...

I'll spare you the rest of the gory details.

You're probably wondering why on earth did we buy this, this, this....words fail me. Well, long story short it checked of a lot boxes for our family and future plans. It's in Napa and in the middle of a cabnernt sauvignon vineyard. The views are fantastic.

Looking north:

South--that's part of our vineyard.

I get to wake up to this:

Every day I walk through these...

Nuff' said.

Here's the new floor plan:

What was the living room and kitchen down stairs becomes 1200 sq ft master suite with gym. We incorporate about 2/3s of the garage into the house, creating a single connected space (living room, family room, dining room, kitchen) with a view to the North, overlooking a new pool. The "rec storage" room is actually going to be a custom home theater.

The upstairs will be for my daughter's family:

The entire exterior is being redone as well, with a standing seam metal roof, and vertical cedar siding. If you've been the The Farmhouse in Ojai, that's the inspiration. Interior will be more modern than farmhouse.

Demo started last week and I'll be documenting the build here if folks are interested and on YouTube.


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