Help with exterior detailing -- shed or gable dormer?

Den Rog
2 months ago


My wife and I are in the process of designing our house. We are looking to design a single story home (with a bonus room above garage) on a heated slab. Going for more of a modern farmhouse type vibe.

Our original drawings showed a pretty bland roof on the left side of the house looking at the front elevation. Our question is, would it maybe look better with a decorative dormer? And if so, should it be a shed dormer or a gable dormer? I really would like to incorporate a metal accent to the roof and thought the shed dormer would be able to accomplish that. Of note, there is a functional shed dormer on the right side of the garage. See the before and after renderings below of what she shed looks like.

We thought about maybe making the shed dormer wider? Or maybe swapping to a gable dormer

Any thoughts or input would be appreciated!

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