Mixing Wood Tones

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I’ve seen some people who mix different wood tones throughout their home and it looks great. However, I am not sure how to tell if one tone goes well with another. Do warm tones all go with eachother and the same with cooler tones? An example is this photo. I have this console table that has a darker brown espresso top and a whitewash body. I brought out an older chair I have had from 2014 that is a caramel pine color. Does this clash? I feel as if the caramel pine really sticks out next to the table. Most of my woods are espresso and whitewash. I don’t have any other pine colors other than another one of these chairs. I should mention that the espresso woods have a warm undertone. The top of the table has a warm gold/orangeish undertone which seems to match the chair when the light hits it just right. Not sure if this means they match though.

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