Feedback on adding stairs and loft area

Josh m
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are considering adding an open loft area and half bath as an upstairs on our ranch home. There is plenty of space in the existing attic but am trying to decide if the possible status stair location even makes sense before testin reaching out to architect architects or remodelers.

Ive included a portion of the floor plan and a picture of the area in question. the stairs would start at the end of the entryway and then there would need to to be a small landing at the top. The area over thr kitchen, pantry, mechanicals would be the new additon. the living room ceiling height is about 17 feet at the peak.

Would adding stairs in proposed area look appropriate? would a floating staircase be better but is that even possible with a landing? Would stealing the required 3 ft of space make the great room too narrow?

any other thoughts?

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