Ideas to conceal TV outlet that was installed too high?

last month

I need some ideas on how best to hide the TV outlets on the screened porch. I've looked around at the local stores for a piece of art, but hanging a picture above the TV seems odd and I haven't seen any other type of art that will fit. Should I just install a shelf the same length as the TV and either a few books, photos, candles, wireless speakers, etc. that sit in front of the outlet? I'm going to use a power strip so there will only be one cord hanging down (hidden with cord covers), but I don't want to buy it until I have an overall plan. If I install a shelf should I line the bottom up with the bottom of the outlet trim? I'd love some ideas! And while I'm asking for advice, should I put a piece of artwork to the left of the TV or would that be too many "big" things jammed on one wall? If so, can I get some ideas on how big it should be relative to the TV? Here is a photo...

Here is the other side of the porch for reference. (I'm standing in the doorway and the couch sits against the stationary side of the sliding door.)

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