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BUYER BEWARE -- BlueStar (Blue Star)

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I know there are other threads on this issue, but I want to start a new one so that as many people as possible are aware of BlueStar's defective products and appalling lack of customer service.

This issue goes back many years, and you can find many threads about it, not only here, but on other sites as well. My story is the same as many others. I was using my oven and, suddenly, the door would not open. Apparently, after reading many, many posts about this, the door hinges are defective.

In the past, BlueStar would either ship a customer a new door with different hinges (sometimes sending multiple replacements!!), or would offer a new door at a significant discount. Now, though, they will not do that, saying there wasn't a recall (there should have been). I would have to purchase a new door for approximately $800. That's $800 IF I fix the door myself, not including any service fees.

My range cost me at least $8000 with the custom color and matching hood. In addition to the door issue, I've had issues with the spark ignitors, and the top of the stove is NOT entirely cast iron, but has a cheap black porcelain paint in places, resulting in a lot of rust and burnt brown stains that cannot be removed. Given that it's not all truly cast iron, the stove cannot be completely seasoned. The hood lights stopped working after very little use, and I've yet to have time to deal with that issue.

Perhaps the company has changed ownership, which would explain the discontinued assistance with the defective doors. Buyer beware.

EDIT: I'm including links to some other sites/threads that also detail BlueStar's issues and lack of ethics.

UPDATE 1: See comment below.

UPDATE 2: I emailed BlueStar, as they suggested below, and when they called me, I got the same exact rigamarole as the first time I called their CS people:

"there wasn't a recall" -- as if that negates the fact that BlueStar openly admitted in the past (see above linked threads) that the door hinges were a defect. Recalls are voluntary.

Same offer to sell to me for $800.

"I can check with my manager to see if I can give you a discount." Right; while I sit on hold for nothing. This time, I told them to call me back if there was and, SHHHHocking, no one called me again.

She admitted that the door/hinges design was changed.

So this was their idea of "helping" me. Nice.

Maybe you have hundreds of dollars to spend correcting defects on such an expensive appliance. I do not. And, honestly, the wealthy people I know wouldn't be willing to burn money due to a company's lack of integrity either.

And thank you to Houzz for allowing us to post reviews and, hopefully, save someone else the aggravation and expense.

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