What is wrong with my bamboos?

2 months ago

Hello, I have 4 potted fargesias 'Winter Black' on my balcony. They were doing really well last year. During the winter's cold snap (-15 - 20 deg Celsius for a week or so), I had them covered, but left them on the balcony - they went a bit yellow and droopy, but started slowly recovering in the spring. Sometime during the spring, I think they were attacked by whiteflies/aphids - it took me a while to figure it out ( I found a lot of dew on the balcony). I also saw some worms in the soil. I applied insecticidal soap a few times and I have been applying the neem oil occasionally. I think the whiteflies/aphids are gone, as well as worms. However, bamboos do not look good still, as you can see from the pictures

. l wonder what can I do for them and will they recover completely?

Thanks very much for any advice...

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