Hiding cabinet appliances

ppxyz babu
last month

Hi I was looking into something like a slider or a pull up door that I want to install below my top cabinets in kitchen (attached pictures below)

Basically I have 3-4 appliances that I use on regular basis. I just want the appliances to stay on countertop as is but want to use a slider door or a pull up door that I can close it after work is done.

Are there readymade things available in Lowes, Home depot/Ikea which i can just attach or I have to go with a carpenter /handyman. Any ideas. I was thinking of even using the panel curtain types from Ikea but didnt like it. I want something like attaching a door, pull up door or a pull down shutter type. Kindly see pictures below. (the first 2 pics from Houzz website) The last pic is the kitchen where I want to hide the appliances. Anything available readymade?

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