Bathroom shower renovation - solid surface, tile or ?

Cynthia Crane
2 months ago

Long story but I'll try to make it short. I lined up a bathroom contractor last February for a renovation and agreed to have him install Onyx solid surface material for the shower walls and custom shower pan. (easy to clean vs. ceramic tile)

He was to have finally started my project this month (July) but informed me about a week ago that theres a 2 mo wait on the Onyx. (I found out from an Onyx rep today that its actually 3 mos!) I thought I'd made it clear to him that the project needs to be completed before my husband goes to graveyard shift for 6 mos starting mid-September. He should have ordered the materials weeks/months ago!

Now we're screwed unless I can resign myself to settling for tile, which can be done in a few weeks. Or just order the Onyx now that I really want and wait until next February to do the reno when my husband goes back to dayshift. Not an ideal situation because we've already gutted this bathroom and are having to use our very small guest bath.

My question is are there any other "good" shower options besides an Onyx type material or ceramic tile? If ceramic tile what is easiest to maintain? Large scale with a semi dark grout? My style is traditional/cottage (white tile, grout). Fiberglass is NOT an option, thats what we're replacing and we want to "upgrade" from that.

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