Which is more desirable - a closet or larger (3rd) shower?

Corinna Rake
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We are adding a 3rd washroom and 4th bedroom in a basement remodel of a raised bungalow. The only place for a closet in the bedroom is to use space in the washroom/laundry room next to it. So, we're trying to decide which would be more valuable for resale down the road - a bedroom with a [small] closet and [small] shower, or no closet and a larger shower in the 3rd washroom? (upstairs in the bungalow has full 4-piece washroom and 3-piece en-suite with 36"x36" shower)

The bedroom dimensions are 11'9"x12'6" - two exterior walls and a supporting wall - so no spots for closets on any of those other 3 walls, and window prevents us from widening the washroom/closet wall further into the bedroom...

With closet, shower would be a fairly tight 32"x32", one glass wall and glass pivot door. (ignore the 'blocks' in the photo - they will be single pane glass) The closet would be inside dimensions of just under 30"x30" with a 24" door.

Without closet, the shower could be as large as 65"x36" and would be a 'walk-in' curbless shower, no door. Is it worth it?

Would love some feedback on the pros & cons!

The dimensions of the washroom are 9'2" (window wall) x 8'1".



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