Psst Mtn (and others)--painting furniture question

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I want to paint this old piece of furniture that I purchased probably 15 years ago with the intention of transforming it. My intentions were great, but so were my four distractions. In the end, I sanded off all the old paint and shelved the project for a rainy day. That was probably 14 years ago.

It's a rainy day.

This is for my cottage. Here is a picture of the bedroom where the piece is:

The room (and in fact my whole cottage) is very humble and that picture to the left of the bed is long gone. The bed is chipped and wonderfully so. I bought it from an antique/junk shop when I was in college.

Here is the piece I want to paint (the dresser at the foot of the bed.) (click on picture to see entire dresser.)

I'm thinking something in a tiffany-blue shade, with the same hardware. Can you tell me which paint you used to paint that bombay desk ? I want something with a bit of gloss.

Of course I'm open to any color suggestions. Even, kinda, sorta white.


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