Need rich but very well draining soil for endangered houseplant repot.

Andrew Fellure
last month

I am way overdue in repotting a rare/endangered species of plant that I have been keeping for many years now. The plant is a Zygiosycios tripartitus. I have neglected repotting it for several years because I do not know what soil mix I should use for it. Also, what it is currently in seems to have worked for it very well and is still working, but the plant is now almost as wide as it’s pot. I’m not sure what mix it came in, but the water almost runs straight through it when I water it. I can identify pumice in the soil mix it is in, and there is some darker material (I’m guessing some sort of organic componant), but I don’t really know what is in the mix. Therefore I’m not sure what I should put in a soil mix for repotting this. I have read from several sources online about what sort of soil I should use, and they all say the same thing ”use a very well draining, but rich soil”. However they don’t go into more detail than that. I should add that I was advised when I got it that if potted correctly that it shouldn’t need any fertilizer, and in all the years I have had it, I have never fertilized it, and it has seemed to do just fine.

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