Help with living room!

Wong Soo
last month
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We furnished our living room not too long ago, but we are feeling it is time to change it up a little. We recently painted the bookcase a pretty blue which matches the pattern on our rug and we love it. We know we have to re style the shelves so if you have any suggestions about how to style them please let us know! We were thinking of repainting the fireplace to a different color, should we do it? If so what color? The tables, rug, and two sofas have to stay. Anything else can go. We were thinking of getting rid of the two chairs, but we really have no clue what the new chairs would look like! We feel like these chairs make the space look kind of bland, and a pop of color from the chairs is much needed. What stykr and color could the chairs be? Other than that, the rest that we want to change is decor. I feel like the two paintings on the walls should be switched to something else. On the wall behind the cream couch, we were thinking of doing sort of mis-matched shelves with things on them. We want to style the tables so theyre less plain, but what should we put on them? Right now, we have pretty much nothing on the tables, and we would be open to adding whatever. The center table is what I want to tackle. Does anyone have any pillow suggestions? We bought those orange ones and we personally like them. I hope you all can help us! Thanks so much!

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