Kraftmaid Cabinetry Finishes Feel cheap?

2 months ago

Hello all,

I'm shopping for kitchen cabinets for a 12x15' kitchen renovation. I initially met with a high-end KD who priced out Mouser cabinets, which came to $32k. We wanted to be closer to the 15-25k range, so we are looking elsewhere. I have scoured the pages of Houzz learning as much as a can regarding mid-level cabinetry. My question is this- many reviews suggest Kraftmaid cabinetry (such as one would get from Lowe's) is good quality. However, when I look at the cabinet displays in Lowe's the finishes on the Kraftmaid cabinets feel slick like plastic, which seems cheap to me. The Schuler cabinetry finishes (sold alongside in Lowe's) seemed a little nicer, but Wellborn forest cabinets (which typically get poor reviews) honesty felt like a step above in quality and finishes. What gives? Are cabinets supposed to feel smooth like plastic?

Thanks in advance

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