They cut the wrong granite slab!

2 months ago

We have been underway on a kitchen remodel for the last 6 weeks. After shopping slab yards we finally found exactally what we wanted and the slabs were just big enough to meet or needs. It’s a giant island approx 11’ x 56”.

We chose three slabs to put on hold knowing we only need two to complete the entire kitchen. One of these three slabs was chosen specifically for the island due to its appearance.

Weeks later we arrive at the fabrication shop for templating only to show up to two slabs, neither being the one specifically chosen for the island. After being told it would take several more weeks to get the right one we conceded and decided to just use the nicer of the two they actually aquired.

After not showing up on the day they were supposed to be installed and being ignored for several days we finaly got the excuse that production was taking longer than expected along with a photo of the cut island. In looking at the photo I realized IT WAS WRONG!

They cut the island from the wrong slab! We really dont want to continue to wait but we are not getting what we asked for. What kind of compensation is fair in a situation such as this? We've spent so many days finding the perfect slab to have it all go wrong

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